To the Moon and Back

from Patra

A few days before Bob's memorial service at our church, our immediate family gathered in the cemetery for Bob's private burial.  I wanted it to be a special time for the young grandchildren.  They played with pinwheels, released heart shaped helium balloons, put simple flowers, letters and art work they'd made for him on his coffin. We shared a few favorite memories and sang "Jesus loves me".  Sharon, my daughter-in-law shared that she loved how every time she'd come after work to pick up her kids (aged 2 and 3), Bob's last words to them would be, "I love you to the moon and back."

Your cards and notes began to arrive.  There was so much food, I could have fed all of you.  The fellowship of Christ held me together with kindness, love, and prayers.  I witnessed firsthand what the early church must have been like.  Followers of Jesus gathered in homes, worshiping together and taking care of each others needs. You met my every need including repairing my broken air conditioner.  You made me want to be like that... to give back, to give more!  Thank you.
I was dreading the memorial service and even begged a friend to come kidnap me so I wouldn't have to attend.  I didn't know how I was going to survive such a day.  I did survive, and the supernatural peace that can only come from God filled my heart with more love and compassion than I've ever felt in my life. 

In the weeks to come, I've asked those who spoke at Bob's service to write our blog.

At nap time today, I was resting with my 3 year old granddaughter Avery.  I thought she was asleep, but with her wee little voice she said:
"Grandma, will Grandpa come back when Jesus fixes his voice?
Me - "mmmm, why does Jesus need to fix Grandpa's voice ?"
Avery - "You said you missed Grandpa's voice!"
Me - Ohhhh, sigh...
        "Grandpa's voice is OK, it's just that I can't hear him anymore"
Avery - "I can... Grandpa talks to me"
Me - (l o n g    s i l e n c e)
Me - (tight throat)... I whisper..."What does Grandpa say?"
Avery - "ohhhhh, I dunno... lots of stuff"

I bet he's telling her he loves her
To The Moon and Back


Anonymous said…
Patra, God covers you with HIS love and peace. You are a wonderful Grandma.
Anonymous said…
On Sat Jon and I were blowing. Big bubbles for Avery and Riley and the bubbles were being talem by the wind over our roof and Avery said look grandma they are going up to Jesus then she said they are going up to my other grandpa
So sweet loved this
Sam Davidson said…
What a great story, Patra. Thanks for sharing. I'm thankful kids seems to see things so clearly that we adults often overlook.
Anonymous said…
Patra, thank you for sharing and I love your conversation with Avery. As I sit here with tears in my eyes I too would love to talk with my mom. This week I've been concentrating on God's Sovereignty and I am so glad He has everything under His control but most of all, I'm grateful for His love for us all and His comfort as well. Praying for you and your family. Carol Cahill